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[Issued Patents]

11. Fe-N-C type electrode catalyst using radical scavenger and method for manufacturing the same

C. H. Choi, G. J. Chon, and M. W. Chung

10-2569309 (2023) Republic of Korea.

10. Pt-based core-shell nanoparticle, method of preparing the same and catalyst comprising the same

S. I. Choi, H. S. Kim, J. H. Kim, C. H. Choi, and H. K. Lim

10-2287366 (2021) Republic of Korea.

9. Electrode for photoelectrochemical cell, Method of manufacturing the same, and Photoelectrochemical cell comprising the same

S. H. Lee, Y. B. Lee, S. K. Kim, and C. H. Choi

10-2218173 (2021) Republic of Korea.

8. Ir-Ni based ternary electrode catalyst for fuel cell, manufacturing method thereof, and fuel cell using the same

S. A. Jin, C. Park, J. Koh, S. H. Park, S. I. Woo, and C. H. Choi

10-2172480 (2020) Republic of Korea.

7. Manufacturing method of 0-dimensional and 1-dimensional graphene composite catalyst containing nitrogen-iron and fuel cell application

C. H. Choi, and M. W. Chung

10-2013907 (2019) Republic of Korea.

6. Single-atom or sub-nanometer metal supported sulfur-doped zeolite templated carbon and use thereof

M. Choi, C. H. Choi, H. C. Kwon, and S Yun

10-1816101 (2018) Republic of Korea.


5. Method for preparing for graphine catalyst for fuel cell using a ball milling

S. I. Woo, C. H. Choi, and M. W. Chung

10-1749486 (2017) Republic of Korea.


4. Electrode catalyst for fuel cell, method for preparing the same, membrane electrode assembly and fuel cell including the same

C. H. Pak, S. A. Jin, S. H. Park, S. I. Woo, and C. H. Choi

09147886 (2015) USA.


3. Preparation method of the N-doped carbon-derived catalysts having enhanced oxygen reduction reactivity through additional doping of boron and/or phosphorus

S. I. Woo, C. H. Choi, and S. H. Park

10-1427343 (2014) Republic of Korea.


2. Preparation method of heteroatom doped carbon from amino acid as a precursor

S. I. Woo, C. H. Choi, and S. H. Park

10-1252617 (2013) Republic of Korea.


1. Method for preparing modified catalysts for cathodic oxidation of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells and direct alcohol fuel cells

S. I. Woo, and C. H. Choi

10-1079126 (2011) Republic of Korea.

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